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Demolition, Salvage & Landfill Services

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Business Profile: Demolition, Salvage & Landfill Services

Bldg Renovations
Southeastern Tennessee

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This profitable company has operated as a family business for over 40 years. They are primarily engaged in the demolition and salvage of structures or components as well as selling items salvaged from demolition activities. The majority of their business is in the Southeastern Tennessee area, but they do occasionally do business in other states. There is currently less business activity currently in demolition services largely due to Covid 19. Some of the smaller companies have priced work low to just continue their operations, but finding adequate labor has been challenging for both demolition and the landfill business. They are licensed in asbestos removal but seldom do asbestos work. They have a A+ safety record. The owner has been cherry picking the jobs he goes after now. Often times he uses a sub-contractor to do all or some of the demolition work. This has proved to be very efficient and profitable. Prior to Covid in 2019, the demolition business had a good year as they took down 3 schools. The seller owns both businesses and the real estate, the owner prefers to sell them together but may consider selling them separately.

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